About Us

Who we are

A technology oriented and Delhi based company, SLN Softwares is one of the best software services companies providing you a customized solution. With a highly dedicated team of 12 members, we deliver standard solutions to you. SLN Software undergoes all phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for dozens of custom solutions and renders software development and website designing services to the clients. Through SDLC phases which are planning, designing, creating, testing and delivering, we create software applications and websites with unmatched quality. We have been providing multi-dimensional IT services to our clients including online marketing and online website designing solutions. Other arenas of service we provide globally are content management system, SEO, e commerce solutions, enterprise portal solutions, web development and all custom web services. We are open, friendly and dynamic fostering latest technology and excellent working environment for our team. We follow high standards to compete in the fast pace global market and provide sophisticated software solutions to our clients. We believe in creating long term relationship with our clients creating a better connection every time we interact.
Softwares Devlopment Company in Delhi

What We Do

Founded with a vision to grow into of the renowned IT services company, SLN Softwares has a unique focus on software applications development, combined with multi talented expertise and their skill sets. We inculcate innovation and knowledge in our business processes and are able to generate new ideas and diffuse them into customer service. Offering cost effective and quick solutions to our clients, we work with a right attitude and thus execute complex IT based projects. Using web technologies such as PHP, .NET and ASP, we execute projects to our clients successfully. Our young team and highly experienced managers have potential knowledge and readily accept challenges to offer optimum services.
Softwares Devlopment Company in Delhi

SLN Softwares provides a superior platform to offer best IT services to our clients which are as follows:

  • Web Design Services which are clean and responsive with long lasting impressions and user friendly interface.
  • Web Development Services by developing unmatched websites and portals using SQL, HTML5, ASP.NET, JQuery,Json etc.
  • Ecommerce Services allowing launching of online websites and provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Internet Marketing Services like SEO, PPC and SMM that enables you website achieve high rankings via Google.

Our Functionalities

We provide market-leading software solutions in varied domains including healthcare, education, finance, entertainment, retail and law enforcement sectors. We assist our clients in gaining high reputation and perform immensely supporting their growth and high rankings. SLN Softwares thrives on several benefits that help to deliver quality services through the competent workforce using state-of-the-art technologies and knowhow:
Softwares Devlopment Company in Delhi
  • World class software services
  • Timely Deliverables
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality with standardized solutions
  • Highly secured services

Having these exceptional features, SLN Softwares provides a comprehensive solution to you with creative approach and high integrity. We let you stay ahead in this digital marketing world through varied services upcoming in the market and which are already established as well. With a great passion for what we work on, we allow excitement to stay with us to generate effective solutions to our customers.