Online Complaint Management System

Online Complaint Management System in Delhi

Online Complaint Management System is an online portal that helps in managing of online customer complains. It provides a comprehensive platform to resolve these complaints with ease. Its features include an online complaint box where customers can drop in their complaints so that the service provider can access, analyse and respond the customer issues.

The objective of the web complaint management software is to get away with the hassle faced in dealing with the issues that are faced in online businesses.

The software is an excellent solution to resolve issues in more managed and streamlined manner. It saves time as well as money in resolving issues easily. This helps in building customer loyalty by efficient handling of their complaints and you can achieve a sustainable client database.

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Features of Complaint Management System

  • Dashboard to access the software solution
  • Admin Login to view the complains
  • Admin: Create, add, and edit service engineers
  • Admin can also add and edit agents
  • Assigning the complains to service engineers
  • Service Engineer: Login and view the assigned complains
  • Service Engineer: Resolve the complaints and update the status
  • Customer: Login and create complaint
  • Customer: View the status of the complaint and check its history
Online Complaint Management
Online Complaint Management System Development

Advantages of Complaint Management System

The web complaint management software allows the user to record the complaint and loads it to the complaints database.

  • It offers a strategic method for online lodging and tracking of customer concerns and issues.
  • You can access each complaint’s history and check the status update. It has the details of how a complaint is being progressed and what actions are being taken.
  • After a complaint is recorded by a user, it is reviewed by an Administrator and then led to the complaints workflow.
  • The admin can assign it to a particular service engineer for resolving the issue.
  • The Service engineer then acts on it and updates the status.
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